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Parmesan Reggiano Tapenade
Our signature spread made from rich Spanish olives with a generous amount of Parmesan Reggiano cheese mixed in. Not too salty, not too sweet, it's just right! Excellent on fresh baguette, unsalted mini toasts, or crostini. Try spreading it lightly on focaccia with basil and tomatoes, add a bit on top for the best pizza ever, or just sneak a spoonful now and then. Pairs well with dry red wines such as Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or a delicious Malbec.  Yum!

Red Wine Tapenade   
We've added just the right amount of dry red wine to our original recipe, mellowing the cheese flavors and bringing out a richer lushness from the olives, with just a hint of wine in the finish. Pairs well with dry reds, but don't be afraid of adventure. Excellent with a crisp and refreshing Prosecco or an oaky Chardonnay.  Molto bene!

White Wine Tapenade 
Rich and smooth, the addition of dry white wine adds a beautiful complexity and accentuates the cheese flavors. Pairs well with any dry white wine like White Bordeaux, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, or even Champagne. Or try a lighter red such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir or a Zinfandel. Bellissimo!
Champagne Tapenade

This effervescent blend of savory flavors really pops the lemon essence with the addition of the festive bubbly. Yes, you can actually taste a hint of bubbles. Pairs well with dry whites, or outdo yourself with a crisp Brut or Blanc de Blanc. Adding a tad of caviar wouldn't be too over the top. Magnifico!

Truffle Oil Tapenade
The first time we tasted this recipe, everyone looked around at each other and said, "OMG, this is incredible!". Not that we don't love all our other spreads, but this is truly exceptional. If you love the rich, earthy complexity of truffles, then you will LOVE this. Sip an elegant White Bordeaux or a lovely Champagne ( TJ Brut, Veuve Clicquot and Pol Roger come to mind) as you savor the lush decadence of this beautiful spread. As people in Hawai'i say when something is unsurpassed  Ono-licious!"

Vegan Double

Truffle Oil Tapenade


The only way this incredible spread can be described is - INTENSE! Our vegan friends have been requesting a version they can enjoy too, so we came up with something amazing. No cheese and double truffle oil. Olives and intense truffle - wow! Our taste testers' eyes rolled back in their heads with unabashed ecstasy as the first taste exploded in their mouths. So if you really love olives and really love the flavor of truffles, this is the spread for you. Simply divine!!

Sampler Pack

Find your favorite flavor(s) with our sampler pack! You'll receive five 2-ounce jars  one each of: Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne as well as one each Truffle Oil and Parmessan Reggiano. Great for gifts, dinner parties or picnics or if you just can't decide which delicious flavor to try first.